The information provided herein is based on information submitted by companies to MIDA. While MIDA has used reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of inclusion, MIDA does not make any guarantee or warranty that the information are accurate or are up-to-date. Interested parties are advised to contact the companies directly for any enquiries.

MIDA shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of any access to, use of, or reliance upon the information in this database.

Online Security

Online Security protects your online activities

Communication and electronic transactions is a key component in the delivery of Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA). However, the advantages of online transactions can also pose a risk of fraud. E.g.: individuals who defraud the consumers by declaring themselves as representatives appointed by MIDA to obtain certain information or to demand any payment via e-mail.

MIDA, just like all other online service providers, is committed to preserve your online security. However, you should also be wary. The methods used by fraudsters to get the information they want are always changing. MIDA will announce the types of fraud identified from time to time. The main risks involves unauthorised payment request via e-mail. MIDA will constantly monitor the system and control customer records against fraudulent activity.

Please ensure your user ID and password that you use when accessing the system are secured. Any suspicious activity should be reported to MIDA immediately.

Fake e-mail

MIDA has never applied for any payments or appoints any broker / third party to collect payments via e-mail.

If you receive any e-mail that is not addressed to you appropriately and then asks you to click on a link or reveal your personal details or make payment, you may be risk of fraudulent activities.

If you have received an email from MIDA which you consider to be suspicious or fraudulent, please lodge a complaint and submit via feedback form available in www.mida.gov.my.

Action will be taken on each complaint.